Magikid Robotics Lab introduces you to new technology, like how to create apps,build and code robots, and enjoy future tech.
Build Robots! Learn to Code!
Explore New Technology! Be Inspired!
At Magikid Robotics Lab, kids prepare
for the future by learning about the
technology of tomorrow.
Our private coaching sessions and
group classes teach STEM in fun and
supportive environment.
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Vive Virtual Reality
Parents of Members can VR for FREE!
The HTC Vive allows you to paint in 3 dimensions, dive with whales, fight off an alien invasion, and so much more!
Winter Mission to Mars
Seasonal Robotics Program
Our Winter Mission to Mars courses emphasize STEM with a focus on robotics, programming, & cooperative problem-solving. 
Magikid Outreach Program
Let Us Bring Robotics To You!
We offer a variety of Outreach Packages for all grades and ability levels! 
Birthday Parties
Celebrate your Birthday with ROBOTS!
Birthdays are more fun at Magikid!  We offer a variety of packages guaranteed to meet your budget!
New Group Classes
Starting the Week of January 8th, 2017!
8 different courses to choose from!
Personal Coaching
One-on-One Sessions
We also offer Personal Coaching if you prefer for your child to learn in a private setting.

We can bring robots to you! Click here for more info!

Arduino is a programmable circuit board that lets you use real electronic components to build anything you can think of!
Lego WeDo
Lego WeDo is a great way to introduce building and programming interesting creations to younger members! The possibilities are endless! 
Lego Mindstorms
With 5 different sensors, 2 types of motors, and endless build options, there are EV3 projects for every skill level.
Humanoid Series
The Humanoid Series combines 18 intelligent servo motors, 1 integrated sensor block, and a controller, and allows you to create 30+ different types of programmable robots.
Creative Series
The Creative Series allows members to use sensors, gears, and motors to build and program complex, interactive machines.
Wonder Robots
Wonder Workshop introduces members to the basics of coding with an easy to understand and colorful interface.
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San Jose (408-538-2191)
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