Summer Camp
Robotics World Cup camp, gear up with Dash athletes!
Magikid Competition Team
Magikid competition teams were invited to visit Wonder Workshop HQ in Silicon Valley.
Green Screen Movie
Magikid competition teams were using Magikid Movie with green screen technology for filming their presentation video.
Group Sessions
1.5 hour-long sessions for children who prefer exploring robotics in a small group of likeminded peers.
[Not available in Silicon Valley Lab]
Featured Group Sessions
Private Sessions
Our 1-on-1 coaching sessions are ideal for children who prefer personalized instruction. In these 60 minute sessions, children can focus on their specific interests and learn at their own speed.
• Personalized and private instruction.
• 1 hour-long sessions.
• Private coaching sessions can be scheduled at your own convenience.
Camps for when kids are out of school! Our weekly camp programs emphasize STEAM with a focus on robotics, programming, and teamwork! The kids will also go through Virtual Reality and Green-Screen movie-making sessions.
• Learn age-appropriate programming concepts.
• 1:4 instructor to student ratio.
• Green Screen movie and Virtual Reality are included.
Featured Camp Sessions
Robotics World Cup
Birthdays are more FUN at Magikid! Celebrate your birthday with robots and Virtual Reality! • Robot dancing show and exciting games with various robots. • Virtual Reality activities and Green Screen videos for memorable moments.
[Not available in Silicon Valley Lab]

Summer Program @TechCode (Age 5-8)
Are you ready for robot soccer camp? Come to Magikid Robotics Lab to program a soccer video game, build robot goalies and kickers, program and control Dash and Dot robots. Then use green screen movies to showcase your adventures and creations!
Robot Explorers (Ages 6-7)
This course teaches programming concepts while the kids are having fun playing with robots. Students learn ideas about loops, waits, variables and conditional statements through fun games without getting bored!
 Learning Tools: 
Wonder, Robotis, Cubit, 4M, VEX, We-do Scratch, Magikid Stage, & Magikid Movie. 1:4 Instructor to Student Ratio 90 Minute Classes Enroll in Classes at Anytime Schedule Online at your Convenience
WLRC 9-12
Participate in several rounds of missions over a 8-month period to become competent for a worldwide WONDER League Robotics Competition Invitational Round in Spring 2019. Teams of kids will design solutions for real-world science and technology challenges by programming Dash & Dot. They will develop problem-solving and creativity skills while building meaningful relationships with their peers and have fun!
Alex Chen
Alex graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from UT Austin but became a math and English teacher in Korea for five years. Since that time, he became interested in robotics and is pursuing that field now. He has built some projects with the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi and in the future, he will work with other development boards. In addition, he has taught in coding summer camps on courses about robotics, web development, and game development.
Lilian comes to Silicon Valley from China with over 10 years of experience in Education! She does the majority of our research and curriculum development for all Magikid Robotics Lab locations, with a focus on Wonder Workshop lesson plans. She also specializes in Wonder and OLLO Series.
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